Sleeping Bags & Quilts

'BARREL' Style    (B, BC, BH, MB)
Light & roomy, yet warm, and easy to ventilate, Taiga® 'Barrel' designs are a happy combination of Comfort, Versatility and Performance. 
 Full-length zipper (L-shaped) allows the bag to open up virtually flat. 
2 bags zip together to form a double (except MB style). 

'MUMMY' Style    (A, M, MZ, MB)   
More form-fitting, but still roomy enough for comfort, Taiga® 'Mummy' designs focus on optimal warmth for the weight. 
A & M series:  side zipper – cannot open up flat, nor zip together.  
MZ & MB:  full zipper – opens up 'flat', but doesn't zip together.

Compared to sleeping bags, the absence of zipper, draft flap and part of the bottom, makes Taiga®  HyperQuilts ultralight & compact.