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Turn down the thermostat a few notches!

Open the window a crack and savour the fresh air, while drifting off to a deep, relaxing sleep, surrounded by the gentle, cozy warmth of a Taiga® Down Comforter. 

Filled with generous amounts of 800+ or 850+ fillpower goosedown, our comforters are made with a warmth-efficient box-baffle design.
The shell material is the same high-count, downproof taffeta as used in the lining of some of our legendary sleeping bags* –
and thus boasts the same durability, breathability, dustproofness and easy-care convenience.


  • 800+ or 850+ fillpower European Goosedown,
         RDS-certified (Responsible Down Standard)
  • Light & silky, downproof 50-D polyester or 40-D nylon taffeta.
  • Warmth-efficient box-baffle design.
  • 8 corner loops.

  • Advantages of our fabric:   

  • Lightweight, strong & durable. 
  • Highly breathable and quiet.
  • Downproof & dustproof.

    Unlike most cotton-shell comforters, our fabric...
  • does not trap dust, 
  • does not support dust mites,
  • is easy to spot-clean.

  • And, our comforters can be laundered.

    Expertly designed & crafted in Vancouver, CANADA.


    Twin  66 x 88" (68x91" before filling). 768 g. (27 oz) downfill.
    800+ fillpower:  $329.50

    850+ fillpower RDS*-certified European goosedown.: $389.50

    Queen 90 x 90" (93x93" before filling). 1088 g. (38 oz.) downfill.   
    800+ fillpower:  $469.00

    850+ fillpower RDS*-certified European goosedown.:  $549.00

    King 90 x 104" (93x107" before filling). 1280 g. (45 oz.) downfill.   
    800+ fillpower:  $549.00
    850+ fillpower RDS*-certified European goosedown.:  $649.00

    Colours:  Royal-Blue, Sky-Blue, Granite. 


    Comforter Covers
    Washable covers for these comforters can be bought separately at local bedding stores.  The following cover sizes fit our comforters perfectly:
    Twin:  66 x 88",   Queen:  90 x 90",   King:  90 x 104"

    Covers of slightly different dimensions can also be acceptable:

    Twin...  max. cover size:  68 x 90",  minimum:  62 x 84"
    Queen...  max. cover size:  92 x 92",  minimum:  86 x 86"
    King...  max. cover size:  92 x 106",  minimum:  86 x 100"

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Gerardo Reyes
    Excellent duvet!

    I purchased the 800 fill version (king size). It is warm & very light, the down is distributed well, & I can't feel any prickly feather rachises (shafts) or see any of them trying to poke through the fabric (nb., down seems to be of high quality - I can't confirm this beyond feeling/touching the shell because the fabric does not leak!). It is a bit noisy when moving around the bed (even inside a duvet cover), but once settled in it's fine.
    I'll take this over having lots of feathers drifting across the floor over time (like my last duvet). It is a bit on the expensive side, but I understand that you generally have to pay more for higher quality.

    Anyway, I'm very happy with my purchase & really appreciate the high quality feel of the product. No buyer remorse/regrets at all; plus it was made in Canada so it feels pretty good to help support our local economies!!

    Also, the staff were very friendly to deal with.. Thanks Taiga Works!!

    Love it

    I really love my new 850-fill comforter. It is so amazingly light and I sleep soundly, not too cold, not too hot. My room is cool and I used to need several blankets to stay warm, which was heavy and affected my sleep. Now I sleep better, just nestled under a pillowy cloud of warmth, and wake up feeling rested. I also like the fact that the shell will keep the down inside the comforter, better than a cotton shell. Service was great and shipping was prompt. Thank you!

    Wow great blanket

    I've had a few down comforters but this is by far the best. It's so lofty! I put a duvet cover over it and use it nightly. Not sure if I'll be able to in the summer though as it's pretty warm.

    Erik Poole
    Excellent as advertised

    Spring Equinox 2022, semi-arid interior of British Columbia.

    Been buying Taiga down and clothing products since 1975.

    The 850+ fill Queen-sized down comforter is so warm, my wife and I are adopting new strategies to not overheat. It is very light and comfortable.

    For reference, the night time bedroom temperatures tend to hover between 16 to 17 degrees Celsius during the winter and shoulder months. I am guessing this comforter could probably keep us comfortable down to roughly 12 to 14 Celsius, perhaps even lower.

    We live in an area that is subject to all too frequent power outages. Between the comforter and our Taiga sleeping bags we could probably survive near zero temperatures for more than a few days.

    Well worth the investment!

    We've just received the king size 850 fillpower duvet in sky blue.
    We're very pleased with the quality. I really like the taffeta shell which I find is nicer then the usual cotton shell.
    It's very lofty and warm; like sleeping under a cloud! And the price is very good.

    Customer Reviews

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