Responses to Our Last Newsletter

If MEC had been more principled about what they sell it could have been different.  They sold out long ago in my opinion. -- Ann S.

Over the years, I have bought a lot at your stores, first when you were on 1st or 2nd Ave back in the 80's as well as your B'way store.  As a comment, MEC used to good back in the early days, but changed amd became too expensive. -- Mark G.

They have been making excellent products longer than social media has been a thing.  Works! -- Randy W.

Please hold on. I shop at Taiga, rather than MEC. Your prices are attractive, but to me the main thing is that everything you make is made in Canada! We must not lose that. I forward your flyers far and wide! -- Eva L.

All I can say to your announcement about MEC and Arc'Teryx is that you guys should remain under Canadian ownershiyour prooducts are great and priiced right! -- James K.

Greetings Taiga I just returned from a ten day (night) hunting trip to northern Alberta. The M30 down sleeping bag was nothing less than AMAZING ! -- Owen K.

Solution: Get your ‘followers’ to promote you on social media! Penny Hendricks PS: I put this on my Facebook Profile: (Picture) -- Penny H.

comments from customers

Surprisingly, not everyone seemed thrilled... 

"I find this email to be offensive and mean-spirited. You are basically celebrating the potential end of MEC. How dare you. I will not be rushing back to your store any time soon. There are hundreds of ways to reword this message into a positive one while at the same time reminding us of your company. This tone chosen was a terrible idea." -- Katherine W.