Taiga® 'Mini Mat' 

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Taiga® Mini Foam Mat

The Taiga® 'Mini Mat'  (made of EVA closed-cell foam) measures  21" x 42" x 1/4".
That's all you need in spring/summer/fall to insulate shoulder-to-knee from the ground. 
Cut down to 18" x 38",  it weighs a mere 70g.
The Mini Mat currently comes in One Piece.  If you cut it into 4 sections and rejoin these with duct tape, you get a flat-folding mat of 1" total thickness when folded (as shown here).
Taiga® Mini Mat 'Reg.' 20.5" x 42" x 1/4" sheet,  65g        
Taiga® Mini Mat 'W'  ('W'-folding style) 20" x 42"x 1/4"  (20 x 10.5 x 1" when folded).       
18" x 38" x 1/4"  (18 x 9.5 x 1" when folded).       

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