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For Comfort & Safety!

A hooded rain jacket certainly keeps your head dry – however, this Rain Hat gives you some distinct advantages...
Perfect Peripheral Vision – no hood blocking the view when turning your head.  Great for safety & enjoyment.
Perfect Hearing – no hood rustling or muffling outside sounds.
Perfect Ventilation (men's style) – no heat build-up inside the hood in muggy temps, or when straining on an uphill course.



  •     •  Waterproof/breathable DryShell®... 2-layer (men's), or 2.5-layer (women's).
  •     •  Vapour & air-permeable.  Fully seamsealed.
  •     •  Covered vent (men's style) adds air flow and comfort.
  •     •  Fully adjustable fit via inner head band. 
  •     •  Laminated, stiffened brim.
  •     •  Removable chin strap. 

Expertly designed & crafted in CANADA.

Men's fits up to 23.5" head girth. 
Black, Olive, Navy.

Women's fits up to 23.5 head girth. 
Black, Olive, Royal, Sky, Red, Gold.

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