SCHEHERAZADE (Barrel style) B10, B20, B30

  • $249.50
  • Regular price $279.50

Waterproof/breathable DryShell® outer, Waterbloc thread. 850+ fillpower European Goosedown.  2°C to -12°C. 

Roomy 'Barrel' style with box-shaped foot for extra comfort.

  • Articulated, differential construction forms an even layer of insulation that settles around your body for optimal warmth.
  • Downfilled collar reduces drafts and eliminates drawstring pressure.
  • Hassle-free, 'Instant-Release' safety zipper, with compartmentalized draft flap, along side & foot ensures ample ventilation.
  • Bag opens up for use as a comforter.
  • 2 bags zip together to form a double.
  • Water-resistant DryShell™ fabric.
  • Certified 850+ fillpower European Goosedown.
  • Stuffsack, Reg. included with the purchase of this sleeping bag.

Face Draft Tube (on all Taiga® bags)

Comfortable downfilled tube with integral drawcord snugs around your face, keeping the cold out.  Far superior to the outdated plain drawstrings still found on most other brands. 

Designed & made in Vancouver, Canada.

WHY are TAIGA® Sleeping Bags so special?  Read all about it here…

Sleeping Bag Comparison Chart

Sleeping Bag Compressor Sack Lite $19.95

Sleeping Bag Stuffsack $7.50 - $8.95


Scheherazade 850 dry shell
Model Measurements Est. Max. Fill Total Price
B10-M fits to 5'8",
62" girth
2°C 276 g/9.7 oz. 610 g/1.34 lbs.

Was $279.50

NOW $249.50

B10-L fits to 6'3",
64" girth
2°C 377 g/13.3 oz. 745 g/1.64 lbs.

Was $298.50

NOW $269.50

B20-M fits to 5'8",
62" girth
-5°C 488g/17.2 oz. 840 g/1.85 lbs.

Was $298.50

NOW $279.50

B20-L fits to 6'3",
64" girth
-5°C 592g/20.9 oz. 970 g/2.14 lbs.

Was $339.50

NOW $298.50

B30-M fits to 5'8",
62" girth
-12°C 654 g/23.1oz. 1025 g/2.26 lbs.

Was $339.50

NOW $309.50

B30-L fits to 6'3",
64" girth
-12°C 724 g/25.6 oz. 1130 g/2.49 lbs.

Was $379.50

NOW $329.50

B30-XL fits to 6'3",
70" girth
-12°C 764 g/26.9 oz. 1195 g/2.63 lbs.

Was $409.00

NOW $349.50

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