1001-NIGHTS (Barrel w/hood)

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Waterproof/breathable DryShell® outer, Waterbloc thread. 850+ fillpower European Goosedown.   -13°C to -20°C. 

Revolutionary 'Dream Machine' combines thermal efficiency with exceptional versatility!

  • Water-resistant DryShell™ fabric.
  • Detachable 'Collar Hood' , significantly increases versatility & warmth ...
    • a) allows zipping 2 bags together, with both hoods in their proper place.
    • b) doubles as a comfortable, superbly effective draft collar.
  • Down-filled Face Draft Tube eliminates drawstring pressure & reduces draft.
  • Hassle-free 'Instant-Release' safety zipper, with compartmentalized draft flap, alongside & foot provides ample ventilation.
  • Bag opens up to use as a comforter.
  • 2 bags zip together to form a double.
  • Certified 850-fillpower European Goosedown.
  • Waterproof-coated stuffsack included... or upgrade to a Compressor Sack for $9.95.

Sideblock Baffle (on 'M' & 'BH' bags)
Separation between top & bottom of sleeping bag prevents down from shifting and forming cold spots. "Continuous baffles" (no sideblock) are a cheaper, less effective construction.

Face Draft Tube (on all Taiga® bags)

Comfortable downfilled tube with integral drawcord snugs around your face, keeping the cold out.  Far superior to the outdated plain drawstrings still found on most other brands. 

Expertly designed & crafted in Canada.

WHY are TAIGA® Sleeping Bags so special?  Read all about it here…

Sleeping Bag Comparison Chart

Sleeping Bag Compressor Sack Lite $15.95-$19.95

Sleeping Bag Stuffsack $7.50 - $8.95


Model Fitting Est. Comf. Max. Fill Weight Total Weight Price Size of Compressor Sack
BH30-M fits to 5'9",
63" girth
-13°C 721 g/25.4 oz. fill
1180 g/2.6 lbs.


BH30-L fits to 6'4",
65" girth
-13°C 806 g/28.4 oz. fill
1295 g/2.85 lbs.


BH30-XL fits to 6'4",
71" girth
-13°C 847 g/29.9 oz. fill
1365 g/3.01 lbs.


BH40-M fits to 5'9",
61" girth
-20°C 895 g/31.6 oz. fill
1375 g/3.03 lbs.


BH40-L fits to 6'4",
65" girth
-20°C 996 g/35.1 oz. fill
1505 g/3.32 lbs.


BH40-XL fits to 6'4",
71" girth
-20°C 1039 g/36.6 oz. fill
1575 g/3.47 lbs.



* Diameter of sack.  The smaller one of 2 suggested sizes is more compact, but harder to stuff.

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