MSR Ceramic Element - Water Filter Cartridge

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An outer cylinder of ceramic with an inner core of carbon, designed to replace the filter screen and carbon cartridge in your Water Works filtration system.
  • Still removes Protozoa, Giardia, iodine, chlorine, tastes and odors.
  • The ceramic element's tighter pore size can extend the life of the membrane element up to three times longer than the carbon.
  • Easy to maintain and recover with the scrubbing pad included.
Use the Ceramic cartridge:
  • When water quality is poor, silty or unknown.
  • On longer trips where replacement elements are limited or unavailable.
  • When cost per liter and/or element longevity is most important
Why are ceramic filters the most reliable?
  • Full Field Maintainability - Unlike other filter media, only ceramic elements can be abraded and renewed in the field, time and time again for easy field maintenance. This means you won't get stuck in the backcountry with a nonfunctional filter.
  • Longest Lasting - The ability to clean ceramic and expose fresh filter media over and over makes ceramic the lonest-lasting filter material available.
  • Effective - MSR's water filters remove all waterborne pathogenic bacteria, protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidia), and other particulate matter. The carbon core inside the ceramic element removes many dissolved chemicals (including iodine and chlorine), unpleasant tastes and odors.

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